Gurgling Noises from the Bathroom Drains


When you flush your toilet, or pull the plug in your tub, you hear a weird gurgling noise coming from the drain. The is a good indicator that you have one of several types of plumbing problems and the noise should not be ignored.

Main causes of the problems

Gurgling within the drainage system may occur as a result of air bubbles accumulated within the system. Vents are basically the air passages that are installed within the drainage system to ensure that when the toilet or the tub is flushed of the water, it carries away any odor that may be carried by the wastewater. If the vent are not installed correctly the pipes will gurgle they drain. If there are no vents, or the vents or too small for your plumbing system you will also hear gurgles

The sound may be coming from gas bubbles released into the water if gas is trapped in a clog or sluggish pipe. You may never notice there is a problem until you use several drains at once. For example draining the tub while flushing the toilet.

A broken sewer line will also produce a gurgling sound. As air and gas escape from the sewage a gurgling sound is made as it works up through the water.

What causes gurgling?

The gurgling noise that occurs within the drainage system normally occurs when there is excess air within the passage. This may result from leakages that may be within the installation as well as lack of proper connection systems.


A gurgling noise can be a sign of a major issue in your plumbing system. It is important to locate and correct the cause of your gurgling. It is important to consult a professional to make sure the problem is solved correctly to avoid other major problems.