Grease Trap Cleaning Cost


A grease trap is a receptacle that is very important in the keeping grease and oils out of the sewers. This process takes place before the kitchen water enters the sewer lines and the drainage system. Kitchen wastewater contains food particles, oil, fats, wax, and of course grease, which should not enter sewer lines. All industrial, institutional and also commercial food facilities are required to install grease traps. Unless your city codes require residential grease traps your home probably is not equipped with one.

DIY vs. Professional 

  • There are basically two types of grease traps, the in-kitchen passive one and in-ground one. The cost varies as the cost of installing an in-ground type will be costlier than the other type.
  • Taking into consideration both types of grease traps, cost of installation of these can vary greatly.
  • Of course, you know that the cost will also depend on whether you to hire a professional for the installation process or do it yourself.
  • You should expect a professional company can charge $500 to $2500 on average for labour. This is determined by which type of trap you need, how much preparation is needed and their standard hourly labour

If you have a clear idea about plumbing then you have the advantage of saving the cost of labour as you can install an in-kitchen trap yourself. For industries and food services that will require an in-ground trap, you need to go ahead and hire a professional. Considering that the cost of the penalty for your first offence of not having a trap, or having one that is not correctly installed can be as much as is $50,000, the installation price is a very small price to pay. So, if you do not have any experience in this type of plumbing it is very important that you get the help of a professional.

Things to consider…

Make sure that you compare many companies to find the best one. Do not forget to do a background check with the help of reviews and testimonials, and lastly do not forget to contact them for an estimate before hiring.