Grease Trap Cleaning Cost


Grease traps are essential in busy food production services like restaurants and fast foods. However, they tend to get clogged when too much grease is trapped. Clogging in grease traps causes foul odors and the backing up of drainage, which is expensive to fix. Cleaning a grease trap is a necessary maintenance step and prevents future costly emergency repairs.

Reasons for Grease Trap Clogging.

Grease trap clogging is caused by the buildup of fats and oils in the grease trap when proper cleaning and maintenance is not practiced regularly. This problem is common and it occurs slowly. One should watch out for certain signs in order to deal with the problem early before it gets serious. These signs include:

Grease trap clogging is prevalent in busy food service operations and need constant cleaning and maintenance in order to prevent clogging of the grease trap or even the drainage. If your trap is not cleaned out properly, in time it will become septic and the acid will eventually erode away some of your trap, resulting in a complete replacement.

Grease Trap-Cleaning

  • Grease trap cleaning is complicated and may require the services of a plumber. A well-trained plumber will empty, clean, and maintain the grease trap. This process should be done regularly to ensure smooth running of the drainage and also prevent future clogging and backing up of the drainage. Grease trap cleaning is a quite costly service and most plumbers quote the cost of cleaning your grease trap when the plumber takes a look at the problem.
  • The current cost of cleaning a grease trap varies a great deal. Most plumbers will offer a cleaning quote after they take a look at your particular trap. This is because of the many varieties of traps.
  • Some are smaller and attached under the sink. Larger, gravity grease interceptors are installed outside and might be under the ground or not. All these things affect the final cost of cleaning out the grease trap. Some plumbers charge by the gallon and some have an hourly labour This per gallon cost can be from .25 per gallon all the way to 50 per gallon.
  •  Watch out for partial pumping. This happens when only the top layer of grease is removed, leaving lots of grease on the walls and settled in the bottom of the trap. Just remember, you need the tank drained and scraped all the way to the bottom several times a year. Also if the cost is extremely low you are probably getting nothing more than a pumping out of the top layers. Make sure you make your needs known up front so you can get an accurate quote.

Grease trap cleaning could also be done individually because sometimes the complexity of the problem may not be serious. At times just pouring warm water through the drainage consistently for some time could fix the drain completely. This is a very cheap method of cleaning your grease trap and if it is done regularly, it is an easy method. Grease trap cleaning can be done without the need of any plumbing experience or training if the blockage is not serious. In fact, one should try fixing the problem themselves by use of warm water. Done regularly this can prevent future problems. However, once the problem may be more extensive and complex and this will require professional plumbing services.