Common Problems with Garbage Disposals


A garbage disposal can help to keep your kitchen clean; the machine keeps food scraps out of your kitchen trash. The garbage disposal will reduce the size of waste food particles into small pieces that will easily flow down the sink and into the drainpipes. The garbage disposal makes use of a motor that is powered by electricity to rotate breakers that will the wastes into small pieces.

Problems with Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals need to be checked when you see the following signs:

  1. The unit fails to start after pressing the start button.
  2. The blade fails to chop the wastes.
  3. The food particles do not go down the drain.

What to Expect from a Plumber

After you hire a plumber for the service they will first take time and diagnose the problem. Here are common solutions that the plumber can apply:

  • If the unit will not start the plumber will ensure the power connection is complete. They should check the socket where you insert the plug to ensure that the socket has power. They can test this after plugging other electrical appliances into the socket and see whether they show signs of power presence. If the socket has power the plumber will assume that there is a problem with the motor.
  • If the food particles are not going down the drain, or the chopper is not chopping the food into small pieces they may check on the amount of waste foods inserted into the garbage disposal. There is a set amount of wastes that can be lead into the machine at a given time. If you insert too much waste into the garbage disposal, it may stop working. If that is the cause of the failure of the garbage disposal, the plumber will remove the excess wastes and restart the garbage disposal
  • Checking on the motor of the garbage disposal may be the next step. The motor may be the cause of the problem if the chopper is not chopping the food. If this is determined to be the problem, the plumber will have to repair it or replace the motor.
  • If then food is not going down the drain the drain may be stopped up. They may use a plunger or drain snake to clear the drain. Depending on the severity of the problem the garbage disposal may have to be removed for the drain to be unclogged.

When you notice a problem with your garbage disposal, you need to call for a plumber to help diagnose the problem He can quickly find the problem and get it corrected. Continuing to use the garbage disposal and postponing repairs will only make the problem worsen and end up costing you more money.