Which is Best Foundation Crack Repair or Exterior Waterproofing?


Foundations tend to be rigid especially if they are made of poured concrete and this makes them prone to cracks. Cracks may occur as the foundation settles but over-saturated soil and external vibrations can also cause it. Minor cracks are not usually a concern but if you notice major ones, you should address them promptly to protect your house’s structural integrity. You can choose to repair the cracks from the inside or waterproof the exterior to deal with this problem. The solution you choose will depend on the situation.

Foundation Crack Repair

The main objective of this repair process is to target the specific cracks that are on the foundation. The repair is usually done from the inside using sealants that fill up the cracks and prevent external water from getting inside the house. Two of the most common materials used for repair include epoxy and urethane.

Crack repair is the best option in situations where the cracks in the foundation are small enough to be filled up by sealant. It is also a good solution when you want to cut on costs because there is no digging required.

Exterior Waterproofing

In situations where crack injection is impossible, exterior waterproofing is a good solution to address foundation cracks. This form of waterproofing also works well if you do not want to excavate your finished basement.

If you find cracks behind your kitchen cabinets, water heater, electrical panel, or furnace, exterior waterproofing is the best option. In situations where you have permanent fixtures that will make it difficult to access the crack and use injection repair, you should waterproof the exterior.

You need to have adequate clearance around your house to allow excavator access. Space is also required to pile up soil close to the site. Exterior waterproofing can only be carried out during dry weather to make it easy for the excavation machines to remove the surrounding soil.

External waterproofing is a good alternative to interior crack repair and is just as effective but you have to consider the work involved. It is a destructive process and you will spend a lot more money because of the excavation.

Foundation crack repair options are influenced by the kind of cracks in your house and their location. It is advisable to work with professionals to ensure you apply the most appropriate method. You also need to factor in your budget when you make a choice between exterior waterproofing and foundation crack repair.