Flooded Basement: Causes And Solutions


A flooded basement is a fairly common problem that can cause serious distress in a home and could even lead to fatal accidents as a result of all the water accumulated. This alongside a host of other consequences, including damage to whatever it is that you store in your basement, can make flooding in your basement a very serious concern that would require your immediate attention.

What causes flooding in basements?

The best way to solve a problem and stop future recurrence is to understand what caused it in the first place. There are many causes of flooded basements.

  • One of the most common is your home being in an unsuitable location. For instance on the low part of the estate which makes it difficult for water to drain out.
  • Another common cause is your floor and wall not having been sealed properly during construction.

You could put off, or even ignore solving the problem, of a flooded basement. However it will be difficult for you to get away with this for long and the most likely thing that will happen is that your procrastination will come back to haunt you in a major way.

Possible solutions

Be careful to turn off all power sources before you enter your basement. You can then start by making the effort to positively identify the source of the flooding. Once this has been done you can take the following steps:

  • Remove the water. You can use a pump.
  • Clear the basement of everything and dry or throw away whatever you had down there that is now wet.
  • Throw away all carpets that have come into contact with the water.
  • Wash all surfaces in the basement with a good antibacterial cleaning solution.
  • You can also get a fan down there to help with the drying process.

Waterproof and Seal to prevent Future flooding

  • Seal the source of the flooding. If it was through a window in the basement it may not be enough to just seal the window frame and you may need to replace the whole frame instead to ensure that no water ever sips in again.
  • If it was caused by cracks on the wall, ensure that you patch them up properly with a good sealant. If it is something to do with the foundation which has maybe cracked ensure that you find a qualified waterproofing contractor to repair the damage and seal all possible future unwanted entry of water into the basement.


These are just a few of the causes and solutions. It is important to carefully assess the damage and the situation and make the decision of whether to fix the flooded basement problem yourself or contact professional basement leak repair services to do the job for you. A professional will be aware of others problems to look for that may not be as easy to access. When the problem is located a pro will have the knowledge and experience to make sure it is addressed correctly.