How to Fix a Leaky Pipe


The functionality of the water system in the home is never questioned unless it breaks down. One of the most problematic things that can occur in any home is when there is a leaky pipe. If you find it early enough you can manage to control the level of water leakage both inside and outside the home.

How to Fix a Leaky Pipe

  1. The very first step is to turn off the water line that has the leak. If you’re not sure which pipe it is, just turn off the main valve.
  2. After turning off the water line you can then move forward and open the main faucet that is fed by the water line. This means that you can open the main tap that releases that water. This will remove any water content locked in between the plumbing line and thus remove the function of leakage in the pipe. After all the water has dropped out through the tap you can now close it in order to avoid the near occasion of water wastage once the pipe is fixed and turned on.
  3. Identify the main spot where the leak is occurring and wrap rubber tubing on this main spot. If there multiple spots then wrap each of these spots with the rubber tubing properly to ensure that the water droplets do not access any way of leaking. On the rubber tubing you should apply a stainless steel hose clamp. This will ensure that the rubber tube stays in place and in a very firm position. You can tighten this hold using a screwdriver.
  1. Smoothly wrap a soak activated fiberglass resin tape and allow it to function in curing the situation before restoring the water passage through the plumbing pipe.

If the leaky pipe is not repaired even after this it is best to seek the expert services of a plumber. If you are not comfortable with the repair, go ahead and call in a professional to get the job done correctly.