Extreme Temperatures in the Shower


If you find yourself taking a cold shower, or having water so hot you almost get burned, you obviously need to find out the problem with your water heater. Until the problem is solved be sure to test the water with your hand before getting in to avoid a shower that may freeze or burn you. There are several reasons for this problem and most are easy to correct.

Common Reasons and Solutions

  • Faulty thermostat settings may lead you to a shower that is too cold or too hot. In order to correct the condition, you should adjust the thermostat settings of your shower till you reach a point where the shower will be comfortable. When adjusting the thermostat, you should also avoid setting it too high to avoid burns.
  • Failure of the mixer to mix hot and cold water well. If your shower has a thermostatic mixing valve your may have a faulty valve, that will need to be replaced or repaired.
  • Your cold-water inlet may be clogged–The pipe letting in cold water that will be mixed with hot water in the showerhead may be clogged. In such a case the showerhead will have only hot water. In order to rectify the condition and have water at reasonable temperature you will need to unclog it so that cold water will be able to come through and cool the hot water.

If you follow these suggestions you should be able to pin point your problem easily. Being able to take a nice warm shower is not only a pleasure but help you avoid getting burned with water that is too hot. If you find that you cannot correct the problem you will need to call in a professional plumbing service to help you so you can again enjoy a pleasant shower.