Drain Power Flushing: What’s Involved?


Drain power flushing is a process of injecting water at high velocity into the drain line as a way of cleaning the line. The process is very effective. Through drain power flushing you will easily get rid of sediments that may be building in the drain line.

Signs you need power flushing services

  • If you notice dirty water is flowing at a slower rate than normal in your drain lines, then you should look for an expert who will offer you the drain power flushing services.
  • When inspecting the drain in through use of a drain camera you may notice a lot of deposits have collected in the drain line. Instead of waiting till it is too late, you can decide to carry out drain power flushing for you to remove the debris from your drain line.
  • If your drains is clogged, and backing up into your home, using power flushing can eliminate that problem.

What to expect from a plumber

After you decide to hire a plumber for the services he will employ the following steps and clean out your drain line:

  • The first step that the professional plumber will do is to open the drain line and connect a power-flushing machine. When connecting the machine the plumber will ensure it is well fixed so that all the water that will be directed to the drain line at high velocity will all enter the drain line.
  • In order to power flush the line, the plumber will have to pump in water. The plumber can connect the system to a faucet in your home from where water will be let into the machine and then pumped into the drain line.
  • The plumber will pump water continuously till the drain line is clean
  • After the drain line has been thoroughly cleaned, the plumber will switch off the power-flushing machine and close the clean out point.


It is important for you to power flush the drain line regularly. This will eliminate the problem of clogging and having to repair and replace broken leaky pipes. You can do it yourself by renting a power washer, but by hiring a plumber who has the needed equipment, you will save lots of worry and trouble on your part. He will know the correct procedures and have the knowledge needed to keep your drains running smoothly.