How Much Does Drain Power flushing Cost?


Clogged drains are a potential hazard in any plumbing system. Often, this problem does not occur suddenly but as a result of accumulated debris and scum build-up. It is essential to have the drainage system flushed especially when there are blockages or the performance is poor, and when other methods, such as drain snaking and plunging are not working. Drain flushing is also used as part of your regular drain maintenance. Power flushing prevents bad odors and limits the opportunity for excessive growth of harmful microorganisms in the pipes, as well as helping prevent clogs and backups.

Job Structure

It is advisable to hire a plumber for power flushing since they have the best equipment to ensure that the channels are completely clean. The experts use high pressure water jets to scrub off accumulated substances that homeowners remain unaware of. The nozzles target the sludge and grease and eliminate the problems even in the bends and traps. The cost of periodic cleaning when there is no difficult clogs can be as low as $250. Depending on the situation and locality, it can also be much higher. Some companies charge by the hours, make sure you know which price will be given to you.

You can rent a pressure washer and add a jet nozzle for about $130 per day and do the job yourself. However you should be aware that carrying out the drain cleaning without expert assistance involves the risk of damaging the pipes.

Hiring a plumber will provide enhanced efficiency with limited risks and there is no investment into equipment. Consider calling a licensed plumber for the task since it’s a periodic task that requires efficiency.