Drain Inspection: What’s Involved?


Drain inspection is one of the critical steps that should be undertaken on a regular basis. This is a process that involves, among other things, testing and checking for any leakages within the drainage system that may pose danger or any other king of hazard to the building or the occupants of the building.

Reasons why the inspection is necessary

There are varying reasons why drain inspection is necessary. While the mode of inspection may vary, the use of CCTV cameras has come to be one of the most applied methods. The reasons why this may be sought include:

  • Certificate of occupancy–After completion of a building, most legislation requires the house to be certified before it is occupied. This is a process carrying by certified inspectors who upon identification of an effective system the issues a certificate to the effect.
  • Detection of a fault–The drainage system includes water piping and other services that use water within the building. A defect or clogging within the system and this may necessitate a full inspection to ascertain the underlying cause of the fault and as well as the possible solutions to rectify the defects.
  • Failure by the system to perform– The main reason of installing a draining system is to ensure that all wastewater is safely drained from the building. However, there are instances when this process may fail to drain the water from the building or the prescribed service and in such way require for an inspection to ascertain the cause.

Who should undertake the inspection?

Drain inspection is an important process that should be undertaken to any building, especially before purchase. A specialized contractor, who is well versed with using this procedure, should undertake the inspection. This is important to ensure that underlying causes for defects are identified and in such way appropriate measures undertaken to rectify them.


Drain inspection is an important process that needs to be undertaken regularly. While major problems can be identified easily, the process requires professional technicians who have capacity to carry out an extensive exercise. This ensures that the system is running effectively and in such way ensuring the residents of the building always enjoy a comfortable and healthy living while using the drainage system.