Drain Flies


Drain flies are a household nuisance that make their home in dirty drains and sewer lines. They are tiny, measuring 1 to 5 millimetres long. They look a lot like a moth with hairy legs and striped, leaf shaped wings. It’s really easy to mistake fruit flies for drain flies. That’s why it is important to find the source of the fly problem. Removing sitting fruit will normally take care of a fruit fly problem. A drain fly problem doesn’t get solved until the drain is cleaned. The flies live on the gunk and loose food sources that sometimes fall into the drain

How to Get Rid of the Pest

  1. Place a stripe of tape across your drain port. Adult flies will become stuck on the tape and then they are easier to remove from the house.
  1. Snake the drain to remove any loose food or potential blockages.
  1. Flush the drain with hot (warm not boiling… boiling water damages pipes) water. Use about 2 litres worth for the best effect.
  1. Scrub the pipe with a metal pipe brush.
  2. Next pour some gel style pipe cleaner down the drain. Gel cleaners are designed to coat pipes and clean gunky build up on the pipe walls. Drain flies are one of the few pests that need a chemical fix. The flies have a high tolerance to heat.
  1. Let the gel cleaner set for a few hours.
  1. Chase it with plenty of warm water.
  1. For the extra effort plunge the sink with a plunger. This will remove any leftover gunk. Let the drain dry.
  1. In the days to follow, spray a household safe bug spray into the drain to kill newly hatched and adult flies.

Drain fly eggs are resilient. They can survive hot water and many common home remedies. Their life span lasts about 20 days. However they need dirty and wet places to lay their eggs. If you continue to spray the infested drain with the insect killer and repeat the cleaning process once a week or so, then the fly problem will solve itself.