Drain Cleaning: Which One is Best?


As a homemaker you to know and understand that cleaning drains on a regular basis is very much important to prevent any kind of flooding situation or a mess. This situation occurs when something clogs the opening of the drain and water cannot pass properly. You can clean this in various ways. A chemical drain cleaning system can clean almost all types of clogs in drain. A mechanical force to clean a certain area of the drain uses handheld drain augers. Other methods are hydro mechanical, sewer jetted, electric drain cleaners and enzymatic drain cleaning method.

What are different drain cleaning methods?

  • Chemical Drain cleaners – Chemicals can be both solid and liquid which are used for cleaning the drains. You can use both Acids and Alkaline as an acid drain cleaner. These are efficient enough to clean and remove all the clogs that get accumulated in the opening of drains.
  • Handheld cleaners – This involves a cable which drives into the drain with some mechanical force. This is designed usually to clean a certain portion of the drain within 20 to 25 ft. or so. It is also lower in cost than those of other methods. It is often used in sinks because of the thin cables, which can easily pass through small holes.
  • Hydro Mechanical method – With the help of this method you can use high water pressure to break down all the obstructions in drain and flush out all types of clogs even small particles down through the drain. It is environment and eco-friendly, which has the ability to remove sand and other types of clogs, which often get stuck in, drain opening and cause problems.
  • Electric drain Cleaning – This is a great method which can clean a long area or section of the drain with the help of mechanical force of a motor running on electricity. This force is very strong and can remove solid particles too like tree roots, stones etc. Wearing long gloves while using this method is very much essential. You should use proper caution while working with this on your own.
  • Sewer Jitters – This create a high pressure of water, which is controlled by the jitter. It acts like a pressure washer, which helps to rid of all types of clogs. Due to the high pressure it will help you to clear the drain effectively. It is very common and used by many.
  • Enzymatic Drain Cleaning method – This is used to clean all the organic residues in the sewer drains or pipes. This contains bacterial formula, which helps to clean the pipes and hardly have any impact on environment. This is really great and also very easy to use.

What to use?

It is better to use the mechanical methods. But it is good to hire a professional for this.


  • Great impact on the clogs
  • Cleans all types of clogs


  • For some of the heavier equipement – if not used properly can damage drain pipe, especially clay.
  • For larger clogs DIY is not possible

Tips for you

Always try plumbing the drain yourself, if it does not work call a professional plumbing company.