How Much Does Drain Cleaning Cost?


A blocked drain is one of the most common problems experienced by almost every household throughout their lifetime. Though it seems to be a minor problem it cannot be ignored for an unlimited time. If the blocked drain is not cleaned well in time then you will not be able to use your kitchen or bathroom. Moreover it can also damage your pipeline in the long run, which can increase your cost of drain cleaning and repairing.

Blockage in a drain can occur due to various reasons:

  • Improper fitting of pipeline.
  • Broken pipeline.
  • Inclusion of foreign debris or objects due to storm or heavy rain etc.

If you are not professionally trained then you may want to call a professional plumber for this purpose, which will increase the cost of cleaning drain.

Most plumbers will charge, on average, $100 for a service call, just to come to your home. The typical labor charge per hour is around $75. So obviously the longer it takes to clean your drain, the more it will cost. If the toilet has to be removed to access the drain, the cost will rise. If the clog is simple and can be opened with a plumber snake or auger, then the cost will be minimal. If the clog is tough and requires the use of a power jetter that will increase the cost from $300 to $600. Another thing to consider is how quickly you need the drain cleaned. If you call out a pro on weekends, holidays, or during the night for an emergency the price will be considerably higher.

So you should assess the problem whether you can do it yourself or you need a plumber to resolve it. If the clog is not too involved you can buy a plumber’s snake for about $20 and a plunger for less than $15. However if the clog is large or very hard to reach, you will need to hire a professional to keep you from damaging your pipes.