Drain Camera Inspection Cost


A drain camera will make the work of plumbers much easier. Through drain camera inspection technology, plumbers are able to inspect your drain line without the need of getting into close contact with the messy drain line. The camera offers clear images that will enable the plumbers locate places where your drain line may have clogged or any other areas in your drain line that requires repair. The camera technology also saves on the time that the plumbers will take before they can diagnose the problem in your drain line and fix it.

Job cost structure

The cost of hiring plumbers for drain camera inspection exercise will cost from $100 to $800 depending on several things.

  • What the average labor cost is in your area
  • How long the water line is, and how long it takes to inspect the entire line.
  • What repairs are found to be needed

Do it Yourself or Hire a Plumber?

Because you would need a drain camera, which is very expensive, this is not a job for the do-it-yourselfer. A professional will not only have the equipment needed, but also the skills required to do the job, and achieve outstanding results.

The cost of camera inspection may seem to be a bit high but in the long run it can save you money. The plumber will not spend time, and thus charge you labor, looking for the leaks or clogs by digging up the pipes in different places. The mess of having pipes exposed in many places, looking for the problem, will also be avoided.

What to watch out for

In order to achieve the best services you should prefer hiring highly qualified plumbers. The best plumbers should make use of the latest cameras in offering the services. They should have plenty of experience using this method. In order to spend your money wisely, you should also look for professional plumbers who have fair rates for the services.