Different Types of Shower Faucets


Shower faucets are devices that control the amount and pressure of water that flows from the shower pipe hence affecting the shower experience. They vary from sink faucets in that they are designed to release significantly more water. The type of shower faucets used in a shower depends on an individual’s preference and also on the bathroom setting.

  • Fixed showerheads–These are traditional faucets that are usually fixed to a shower. They are the most common type as they are easy to connect to plumbing fixtures without the need for additional hardware.
  • Shower handsets–A variation of the fixed showerheads, this type of shower faucet are usually attached to a flexible hose, providing some level of mobility. They can also be mounted in one place and used as fixed showerheads.
  • Adjustable showerheads–These are faucets that have been built with multiple settings to vary the flow of water. They can be set to low-pressure, high-pressure or pulsating massage settings. Simply put, the spray pattern and water flow in these faucets can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences.
  • Shower panels–These are luxurious panels featuring multiple jet nozzles that spray water down when showering. They can be installed singly or in a series.
  • Ceiling-mounted faucets–As the name suggests, these shower faucets are mounted on the ceiling of the shower. They act as raindrop showerheads, raining water down at medium or low pressure.
  • Wall mount faucets–These are shower faucets that are mounted on pre-drilled holes on walls above the shower or tub. They may come with hand-shower attachments for rinsing. This type of shower faucet is useful when the shower is a part of the bathtub. A variation of wall-mount faucet is the deck-mount faucet that is usually mounted on the deck of a tub.
  • Freestanding faucets–These are shower faucets used with freestanding tubs or showers. They usually come from the ground through pipes and are fastened to the wall or bathtub for stability.

Shower faucets go a long way in ensuring that the flow of water in the shower is ideal, thus enhancing the shower experience. Different types of faucets for the shower can be purchased online from dealers of home products, or from local hard ware stores. While some faucets are easy to fix and more of do-it-yourself projects, some like the shower panels may require some expertise and are better off fixed by a contractor.