Cracked Foundation


The foundation of a home is the most important section of the structure. If a foundation gives away the whole house goes with it. Even the smallest problem will eventually cause larger problems down the road. Homeowners should keep an eye on the state of their home to make sure problems are quickly solved. The most common problem found in foundations is cracking. Although it is common do-it-yourself project, fixing a cracked foundation should be handled by a professional.

Why Foundations Crack

Foundations crack because of the stress of time and exposure to the elements. The soil under a structure will erode over time. The shifting and settling from this erosion will cause the foundation to slip and crack. The most common cracking problem is water. The concrete used to make a foundation will absorb water into its porous surface. In cold weather this water freezes and the concrete expands to a crack. In warm weather the water contributes to the erosion of the soil.

Why Fix It

  • Crumbling foundations mean that eventually the building will collapse.
  • Broken foundations allow for rain and snow to seep into your home. This can lead to a mould problem.
  • A well maintained foundation is essential to resale a home.

How to Fix It

  1. Remove any debris and dirt away from the crack. Clean it up with compressed air and a shop vacuum.
  1. Mix concrete powder with a liquid latex. Make small batches because the compound does dry quickly.
  1. Use a sprayer bottle to wet the concrete around the crack. This way the patching compound adheres to the existing concrete
  1. Pack the patching compound into the crack with a trowel. When the crack is filled use the trowel to smooth the compound with the concrete.
  2. For large cracks buy a repair kit and eject epoxy into the crack.
  3. Allow patching compound to dry.
  4. A great preventative step involves painting the wall with a waterproof sealant. Don’t ignore a crack in your foundation. It is a sign of larger problems in most cases. Remember that a professional has the expertise needed to fix a foundation. Since literally everything rides on your foundation take the repair of even the smallest crack seriously.