How Much Does It Cost to Unclog a Main Drain?


Drainage problems are always a nuisance in any household but they are a fairly common and regular occurrence. We have all suffered from clogged sinks, toilets, and drainage systems, which causes a major mess that is both unsightly and can be foul smelling. A main drain is something that is crucial to the smooth running of any drainage system. The constant clogging or slowing down of your drainage system could be an indicator that your main drain is clogged.

Why Main Drains Clog

Main drains are the only way to get rid of sewer and waste out of a building or home. There are many reasons why a main drain might clog, with the most common cause being roots from trees, which is especially common in older homes. Another major cause of main drain clogging in some of the newer homes is feminine hygiene products, hair, grease, and clogged up tissues papers. Animals such as snakes are also a cause of clogs in a main drain as they may crawl in then die.

Unclogging Your Drain

Depending on the type of clog you have you may only need to use chemicals to safely dissolve the clog or you might need to have it replaced if damage or relieve pressure that may have been placed on the drain pipe. You basically have two options when it comes to unclogging your main drain either getting a professional to come do it or doing it yourself.

Using a Plumber

Hiring a plumber to unclog your main drain is something that is most advisable for any home owner with this problem even though it may be more costly than doing yourself.

  • A plumber has professional training on how to identify the cause of your main drain’s clog and how to correctly go about unclogging it.
  • They also have the proper tools like cameras to identify the cause of the main drain’s clog and the ones used to unclog the drain, even when it is a complex case.
  • The cost of unclogging a main drain in costs about $150 while a camera inspection costs about the same but they are usually offered for a cheaper rate if you get both the camera inspection and unclogging, rate might be different for a complex case.


The market today is filled with numerous products that can help you unclog the drain simply by use of chemicals only. These products go for as low as $10 per gallon for one time use. However this usually does not work if the clog is big or is very deep into the drain.


You should ensure that the products you use, or the contractor you hire, for your drain problems have some positive reviews and recommendations. It is possible to successfully unclog your main drain through DIY methods that are cheaper, while getting a professional is the safer and wiser option.