How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Bathtub?


There are different materials that can be used to make a bathtub. In order to ensure you install a bathtub that will last for long in your bathroom, you should buy a quality brand. You will easily learn about quality brands after you take your time and study the different brands available.

Job Structure

  • The job of installing the bathtub will require you to connect the water main to fill the bathtub.
  • The cost of buying the bathtub itself can range from $350 to $600. This will depend on the brand that you will prefer to have in your home.
  • The materials that you will use to install the bathtub in place can cost you up to $40.
  • The plumbing cost will average around $300.

Do-It-Yourself—The cost of doing it yourself will be low. You will have to spend about $600 for you to replace the already existing bathtub. This is possible because the only cost which you will have is the cost of buying the bathtub and the materials used in installing it.

Hiring a Professional Plumber–When hiring a professional plumber you will benefit a lot because the plumber will offer you the best services. This is because they will know the right materials to use and the way they should install the bathtub so that he will avoid clogging of your drain lines from the bathtub.

Labour Cost

The cost of labour will vary from $280 to $350. It will also depend on the nature of work which will be required to be carried out before you can replace your bathtub. You will also need to consider the cost of removing the current tub. Depending on the complexity of its removal the labour cost can be drastically affected.

What to watch out for…

Ensure the bathtub that you replace in your home is durable. This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will be required to carry out repairs after a short period of time which is uneconomical. You also need to make sure the tub you choose is the correct size to avoid having to do major remodeling, and that the tub will fit through the door of the room.

When hiring a professional be sure to check their references and make sure they have the skills you need.