How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Toilet?


When you build a new home, or remodel your existing one you will need to install a new toilet. The cost of installing a new toilet will involve both buying the new one and the labour cost. If you want to install it in a certain location in the house where there is no main drain line passing, then you will have to dig the floor up to have a line that connects the toilet to the main drain which of course, will add to the cost.

The cost of the project will run $200 – $600 for the whole thing, including $25 for materials like connectors, fittings, and hardware. Depending on who you hire the labour cost will probably be charged for 100-130 hours.

Job Structure

  • There are several types of toilets on the market today, and the type you choose will affect the cost. Most toilets will cost from $200 to $600. You can choose from a traditional toilet, which is on the lower end of the cost scale; or you may want to buy a new water saver, space saver toilet, which will cost more.
  • A professional plumber will charge by the hour for labour cost, the price depends on where you live. In general, with no complications, it will take your plumber about two hours to install.

Hiring a Professional Plumber

Unless you are very familiar with plumbing you will want to hire a professional plumber for this job. Doing it yourself may lead to leaks and other problems that can be eliminated with the experience of a professional.

When doing it yourself, you will save money, but after you decide to hire experts you will save on time as well as accessing great services. The professional plumber will also offer you a warranty for the job. They will understand local codes that require the drains to slope at a particular angle. Before your toilet can be hooked up you will need to have it inspected by the codes department of your city. Your plumber will be familiar with these codes and be able to install it right the first time. If the drains and hookups are already in place, they can help you pick a toilet that will fit most easily into the plumbing system.