Cost of Replacing a Toilet Flange


A toilet flange is the piping system that connects your toilet to the drain line. The pipes can develop complications due to different reasons. Failure to check on the leaks that may develop on the flange can lead you to great inconveniences in the home. This will be seen where the toilets will leak leading to spilling of dirty water in the home. In order to be able to replace a toilet flange you will have to remove the entire toilet so that you will replace the flange. You will also have to buy the flange materials for you to be able to replace the flange. You can decide to do the job by yourself or hire experts for the job.

Job Cost Structure

If you decide to do the job by yourself you will end up spending less money. You will have to spend $15 to $25 for the flange, depending on where you purchase it. A plumber will spend about two hours on this job. The labor cost will depend on the hourly cost of labor in your area, but you should expect to pay around $150-$300 for the plumbers labor in Toronto area.

Do-it-Yourself Cost

The cost of doing it by yourself will be less. You will spend $100 less. This is because you will avoid paying experts for the labour cost. You can even save more money in case you decide to buy the materials from a store that will be able to sell to you to materials at a cheaper price.

Hiring a Professional Plumber

There are many benefits to hiring a professional plumber, regardless of the extra cost. For instance, you will get services within the shortest time possible. You will also save more money in the long run, because the work will be done right.

What to watch out for… 

You should try and hire professional plumbers who are highly qualified. Do your research and take your time assessing their qualification before you decide to hire them.