How Much does it Cost to Replace a Shower Drain?


When it comes to your shower drain, it can easily get clogged, plugged up, or even damaged in the course of every day use. It can become totally tangled up with hair and just stop working. But those are problems that are easily fixed. When it comes to your shower drain, it may break because it is old, or need to be replaced because the shower drain is leaky, especially if you live in an older house or your plumbing has been in use for a long time. Sometimes, a shower drain is just due for a check up or a replacement, just like anything else.

Job Cost Structure

A plumber is the person that you should call if you need to replace a shower drain in your home. They will know everything that there is to know about your model of shower, what type of drain is needed, how to remove the current damaged drain without having a problem, and how to install the new shower drain into your bathroom. The cost of hiring a plumber to fix this kind of project would typically be just over $200, maybe a little over or under depending on the plumber you use. Contractors may charge an 11-19% fee as well to do this. Per hour rates may be anywhere from $50 to $250 on average, and there may be other costs such as the cost of the replacement drain, etc. If you choose to DIY, you are looking at a commitment to the project and getting the correct materials yourself. Hiring a plumber has the added benefit of saving you time and error. Getting it done yourself may cost less, but if you mess it up, it’ll cost you more anyway. Every job is different, so use these pricing quotes as a guide, not a rule.

When it comes to replacing your shower drain, look out for hacks posing as plumbers. Make sure the person you’re working with knows what they’re doing (this goes for DIY; make sure your know-it-all buddy isn’t just talking without knowing what he’s talking about). You can do this DIY style if you are the handy type; after all, there are lots of articles and guides online to help you feel your way through the process.

What To Watch Out For

  • New drain and vent lines: done improperly, you’ve got a big DIY mess.
  • Do a background check on plumbers/businesses you hire and make sure they are legitimate
  • Get multiple price quotes to save yourself money and avoid price hikes
  • Redoing supply lines: Only the most handy should attempt this project

Cost of Doing it Myself Vs. Cost of Hiring a Professional

The cost of DIY all depends on if you’re skilled at this type of thing or have vastly overestimated your prowess. Hire a professional contractor to do the job and you could be looking at hundreds less compared to doing it yourself and messing it up. If you lack the skills or knowledge set to replace your drain, hire a professional and save yourself endless hassle.