How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Kitchen Drain


You open up you kitchen cabinet and it’s wet. Chances are you have a drain leak. Kitchen drains can be the source of a huge mess when they leak or are damaged in some way. It is a very common plumbing job since these pipes will often break. The rubber gaskets can rot, causing a leak, but most likely the tail pipe has corroded due to use and is leaking.

What it entails

  • Replacing a kitchen drain involves first removing the old drain by cutting the tail pipe loose with a pipe cutter.
  • Then the basket strainer is removed using channel locks. (Sometimes this basket has fused itself to the tail pipe due to lots of use.)
  • After those are removed the new ones can be installed, beginning with the basket strainer.

Do it yourself project

This can be a DIY project depending on your experience and knowledge of plumbing or if undertake DIY projects avidly. It is one of the most simple plumbing repair jobs a homeowner will encounter. It is however not for everyone as it can be a messy job if you do not know what you are doing and can lead to even further damage to you kitchen drain, sink and plumbing. The upside of undertaking this project yourself is the reduced cost as a kitchen drain cost about $9 for a single drain sink and $25 for a double drain sink as opposed to an approximate $200 needed to pay a professional.

Enlisting the help of a plumber

This is a routine project for a plumber and he or she can accurately get it done with in an hour or less. Enlisting the help of a plumber is advised especially when the drain is large than your sink’s parameters and needs to be accurately cut. You may need to call in a plumber if the fittings are so old and fused that you cannot get them loosened.

A professional plumber will also ensure that your joints are properly sealed top avoid any future leaks which can cause extensive water damage to your home. A plumber will often cost between $120 to $200 depending on the type of sink and inclusive of materials and equipment.