How Much does it Cost to Replace a Bathroom Sink?


As a homeowner you will eventually need to replace your bathroom sink. You may face issues with leaks, cracks, etc. or you may just feel the need to modernize your bath with a new sink. This is not a quick decision to make, as there are many options available in many price ranges.

Cost of Purchasing a Sink

  • How the sink is mounted- Here you have a choice of a pedestal or wall mount sink. You can also choose from a drop in sink, an under sink mount.
  • Size of the Sink – When replacing your sink you will need to keep the basic same size sink as before unless you want to replace more than just the sink. Your choices here run from a tiny corner sink for small spaces to round sinks that measure from 16 to 20 inches round. You can also choose a rectangular shape as large as 24 inches. Of course the larger the sink the more the cost.
  • What material the sink is made from – There are also many choices of materials you can pick from. You may want china, stone, and metallic among many others.

As you can see the cost of purchasing a new sink can vary greatly. One the low end you can get a drop in, self riming sink from $50 or choose to spend up to $1000 by choosing a natural stone material with counters that look much like counters. The average cost spend is around $200-$400.

Cost of Installing a Sink

 The cost of sink installation also depends on many factors

  • Labor cost – How long it takes a plumber to remove the old sink and install a new will depend on how hard it is to remove the old, but you can count out 2 or 3 hours of labor time. The cost of labor will depend on where you live and what your particular plumber charges per hour.
  • The plumber may charge you $20 or more to dispose of the old sink, pipes and other materials.

As you can see, installing a new sink involves many choices. For this reason you should take you time and investigate all your options. You want to consult a professional to advise you on options that will suit your family and your bathroom space. If you make a good choice you should be able to enjoy your new sink for year to come.