How Much Does it Cost to Install an Outdoor Faucet


An outdoor faucet, also known as an outdoor spigot, faucets gives you access to water outside your home for watering the lawn, washing vehicles and other water needs. The normal wear and tear involved with an outdoor faucet varies based on frequency of use and location. Common problems involve broken seals, rusted parts, and sometimes corroded surfaces. All of these effect the usefulness and can sometimes effect the safety of the outdoor faucet. And exposed outdoor faucet is susceptible to a range of bacteria, fungi, and other harmful organisms.

Job Cost Structure

An outdoor faucet is a fairly straightforward problem in terms of replacement and installation. You have two paths you can choose from that will be based off your level of expertise and your comfort level. You can choose to do it yourself and save yourself a significant amount of money or you can invest in hiring a plumber and have the job fully serviced for a significantly higher price. You may find doing it yourself to be the preferred financial route, however, before undertaking any project confirm that you know what needs to be done and that you have the knowledge to do it or you will end up spending more that you save.

Doing it yourself

  • Benefits: The first benefit that comes to mind is the reduced install cost. On a minor project like this the risk of adverse effects is low. Another benefit can be found in the education you gain by replacing it yourself. This helps you improve upon your skills and leaves you with more knowledge and experience when the job is done.
  • Disadvantages: The disadvantages of doing this job yourself are fairly minimal. You’ll be investing your own time into the project. In addition to this you’ll also be fully responsible if something goes wrong. When you choose to do it yourself, you are responsible for all the bad and good that comes from it!

Hiring a Professional Plumber

  • Benefits: A professional plumber will have more experience to assist you in your installation. This results in faster installation and normally a higher quality of installation.
  • Disadvantages: The install cost will be significantly higher than if you did it yourself. You also do not gain any hands-on experience when someone else does the work for you.

Labor Cost

  • The install cost you installing a new outdoor faucet will be in the purchase price of the faucet. This faucet cost depends on which type you choose, but you can expect etween $20 and $50 for that. If you have never had an outdoor faucet you will have to be prepeared to add connectors, etc.
  • If you decide to retain a professional the cost will be much higher. You will have to pay for the part, and the time of the plumber. This is often charged as one payment and is not based off per-hour. Most plumber will charge you their base rate which is normally in the range of $60-$100, depending on where you live.

Keep tips these in mind when you do hire a company or individual to install for you. Check with multiple companies to ensure that you’re getting the best price. Check reviews profiles of all company that you wish to retain. This will give you more insight into how well they service their customers. When shopping for the faucet, to install yourself, you need to check for the best quality faucet as well as looking for places to get that quality faucet at a good price.