Cost of Installing a Dishwasher


A dishwasher is one modern convenience that most people can’t live without. If you are building a new home, remodeling your kitchen or have purchased an older home without one, you will be ready to install a dishwasher in your kitchen.

  • Cost installing a new Dishwasher–When you need professional installation of a new dishwasher, it will mainly depend on the location as well as the conditions of the connection site. The current rates of installing a new dishwasher stand between $171 and $517. The cost is also affected by other factors such as; electrical, plumbing and drain connections and the need to create space for a dishwasher if your kitchen did not have space for it before. Basically, any activity that adds to the overall cost of your installation may require the services of an experienced plumber.
  • Cost of Replacing a Dishwasher–When you are replacing an existing dishwasher with a new one, there are few or no modifications that need to be done making it a less expensive venture. The average cost of installing a replacement dishwasher is usually between $154 and $463 currently.
  • Cost of wiring for your Dishwasher–It goes without saying that your dishwasher requires a proper electrical connection, which means that new wiring is essential if you have not had a dishwasher before. An electrician will need to do some serious wiring. This will cost you an average of between $140 and $460.
  • Cost of plumbing for your Dishwasher–It is a requirement that some plumbing work needs to be done so that the kitchen is tied to the drain and supply lines of your sink. The cost of plumbing services range between $153 to $465 and mainly depend on the condition of current plumbing as well as the distance between existing lines and the location of the dishwasher. If your kitchen already has electrical and plumbing that can be used, this will cut the cost significantly.

If you understand the main factors that affect the total cost of installing your dishwasher, it becomes easier for you to budget for the whole project. Ensure that you discuss with your professional installer on things like; location for your new appliance, whether the essential hook-ups are prepared and the need to keep or dispose the old unit. If you are clear on all these details, then you will be at a position to determine the total cost of your installation. This means that you only have to budget for what is essential as you try to avoid expensive surprises