What will it Cost to Install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?


A reverse osmosis water filter system is a system that you can install in your home to rid your drinking water of any contamination. The system is made in such a way that water will pass through a membrane that will filter all from the water. Even if you have water that has a lot of salts, through use of the system you will easily get rid of all the salts and enjoy soft water in your home. Remember hard water can waste a lot of your soap and using a filtering system will give you nice soft water.

Job cost structure

The cost of installing a new osmosis water filter can range from $150 to $700. This will depend on the type of reverse osmosis filter that you want to install. Some will filter your entire water supply and others will be placed under the sink for filtering your drinking water.

You will also have to pay for the professional services. A professional can charge you from $500 to $1000, depending on the going rate of labor where you live and how long it takes to install they system.

Do it yourself cost

The cost of installing the filter by yourself will just involve the cost of the filter. In order to achieve the best reverse osmosis process in your home, you should carry out some research and go for the best brand because there are many brands available in the market.

Hiring a professional plumber

When hiring a professional plumber to install the system you will have to incur the labor cost, but there are a lot of advantages that you will enjoy, for instance, the plumber will install it in the right way for you to enjoy long services of the system. You will also save on time while installing the system because the plumber will not be guessing on how to install it.

What to watch out for

Be sure you choose the best types of filter system for your home. You can do some research or even consult your professional plumber. You should also get some estimates from two or three plumbers to make sure you are getting the best deal, and ask for references to make sure he has the experience you need for this job.