How much Does it Cost to Install a Main Floor Drain?


The main floor drain is a large outlet pipe that helps homeowners transport wastewater to the main sewer lines. Since they are placed under the floor, most homeowners are not aware of them. It is only until they are clogged or no longer functional that they are attended to. Realistically speaking, the importance of this drain cannot be understated, as it is the main outlet that rids your house of both kitchen wastes and sewage. When it is no longer functional, the home becomes unbearable and also leads to a significant damage on the property. Residents of the building risk getting infection and other disease causing organisms such as bacteria that thrive on the drainage system.

Job cost structure

Installing the main floor drain, much like other home repairs, can either be done by a professional or you can do it by yourself. Whereas doing it yourself may seem like a cheaper option, the truth of the matter is that a professional more efficiently does the job. It is true that you will save hundreds of dollars but you lack the expertise to do the job. The cost of replacing a pipe varies depending on the location of your house. An Urban residential project may cost $7000-$25000 whereas an average house costs $3000-$6000.

Do –it-yourself

  • Advantages–Saves you money and you also get to work at your own convenience
  • Disadvantages–In addition to your lack of expertise, you need labor plus its time consuming.

Hiring a professional

  • Advantages–With their expertise, you get the job done quickly, efficiently and on time.
  • Disadvantages–The costs may be high and they also take time to assess and begin the installation.

Labor cost

Despite the fact that the MAIN FLOOR DRAIN lasts for a long period of time, its installation is quite a big event. A lot of digging is done and ground excavation results in a yard that is not pleasant for the eye. Professionals charge a fee of $60-$200 per foot or more.

What to look out for

Installation of MAIN FLOOR DRAIN requires that you get a permit. You need to check with your local building department. In most cases, the contractor liaises for you and shortens the process. Be informed on the likely condition of your yard after the installation and excavation. It may cost you some more money just to put the yard back in order.

Hiring a professional Vs. Doing It Yourself

Doing it yourself is a daunting task for you as you not only meet the cost of the bulky pipes, but for the labor needed in getting the job done. Therefore, it makes more sense for you to hire a professional who has the expertise and experience for the task.