How Much Does it Cost to Install a Bathroom Sink?


Whether you have built a new home, or added an additional bathroom, installing a new sink can be quite costly and involve some difficult decisions. You need to take some time and weigh all your options carefully so you will be pleased with your choice in the end.

Things to Consider

  • Labor Cost- Sink installation will require that your plumber put the new sink in and connect it to the drain lines and the water lines. You should expect it to take around three hours, more or less. Before hiring a plumber you need to get estimate from several professional because their hourly labor charges will vary.
  • Material cost- The size of your sink, the materials it is made from and they way it is designed can change the cost of your sink from $50 to $1000. You should spend quite some time choose the sink that fits your budget, your family needs and your particular bathroom look.
  • Cost of Faucets- Just as there are many types of sinks, there are many types of faucets to choose from. You can choose a double handle sink, tradional faucet, or even a Touchless faucet. These can cost form $30 to $500. Some come with warranties and some are more complicate to install. You need to consider each of these issues as you choose your faucet

As you can see a installing a bathroom sink can be quite costly.

However, the money is worth it since you will have a beautiful new sink for your family to enjoy and give your bathroom the look that it deserves You should make sure that you get a professional plumber to do the work. This will avoid having problems once the sink has been installed. You will have a well functioning sink in no time by getting the right materials required for the job.