Backwater Valve Installation Cost: Toronto & GTA


Installation of a backwater valve is essential because sewer backflow can be a major problem. When there is heavy rainfall, the stress on the municipal sewer systems is high. This situation causes the system to backup into the residential drains and cause eventual basement flooding. The cost of the water damage that can be done by such an occurrence is tremendous. While modern homes that were recently built are by law required to have a backwater valve, the older properties are still at risk. It is advisable to install this preventive measure even if the neighborhood is not seemingly affected. This will ensure that you mitigate the probability of experiencing basement flooding and related problems.

Job Cost Structure

  • Homeowners or professional plumbers can do the task of installation of the valve. It is advisable to engage experts because they are already familiar with the process and are unlikely to make mistakes.
  • The backwater valve is placed strategically in the main drain system such that it closes if the sewage backs up. The sewage should be completely stopped and not come through other outlets such as sinks, tubs, and toilets.
  • Because of all the potential problems that could arise from a poorly installed valve, it is best to hire a qualified plumber. The average cost of this process in a new home $1350 to $2250.
  • However, there are programs tailored to assist homeowners offset this expense. If you want to install the valve as a DIY project, the success will depend on your skills as well as the material of the drain. Plastic pipes are quite easy to deal with but older iron ones are challenging.

Pros and Cons

Hiring a professional plumber especially for retrofitting the backwater valve is expensive. However, the benefits outweigh this disadvantage. The quality of the work will be high, less time will be wasted and you will feel more secure when it is rainy. A licensed company can also assist you as you claim your flood prevention rebate. The main advantage of DIY work is the savings on labour but the probability of losses and damage is high.

Extra Tips

The plumbing system is vital to the smooth functioning of any property so do not attempt to make any changes unless you are certain of the results. Though a plumber may seem expensive, basement flooding is more costly, both financially and psychologically. Make certain that you hire an insured and licensed service who can offer assistance in claiming rebate.