Common Water Heater Problems and Fixes


It is very important for you to try and maintain the water heater system in your home. This is necessary to avoid major costs of replacing or repairs in the future.

Here are common water heater problems and fixes:

  1. Failure to heat water completely.
  2. The heater takes too long to heat water.
  3. Noisy water heating system.
  4. Rusty or black colored water coming out of the heater.

What to Expect from a Professional Plumber

  1. Repairing the faulty water heater.

The hot water system in your home may fail to heat water completely. This can be caused by the failure of the water heater filaments to work. The possible cause of the failure could be a circuit breaker that has multifunctional. The thermostat may also become faulty, making the water stop heating before it is hot enough. Most certified plumbers can correct the problem after you check on the thermostat and replace it in case it is faulty.

  1. Speeding up the heating process.

Your water heater may start taking too long before it can heat enough water for you to use in your home. In such a case the plumber should check the thermostat settings and adjust them. In case the settings is not the problem, then the plumber can consider replacing the thermostat and see how it behaves.

  1. Reducing noise.

Your water heating system may be making a lot of noise. In such a case the possible problem may be a lot of build-up. The plumber can correct the situation by removing the build-up or changing the filaments. Filaments that are of low density are the best for you to have in your water heater system.

  1. Getting rid of water coloration.

Sometimes you may see colored water coming out of your hot water system. In such a case the plumber will remove the build-up that may have developed in your water heater system. Areas where the plumber will check for the build-up include areas around the heater anodes.

Being able to have access to hot water is something you should be able to take for granted as long as you remember to do some regular checks on your water heater and keep it running correctly. If you notice any problems be sure and call your plumber for help in finding and correcting the problem. You would not want to do this job yourself and risk doing more damage to your system.