Common Problems with Touchless Faucets


A touchless faucet is a pretty cool addition a home or any space that not only adds to the aesthetics but is also a great convenience. A touchless faucet offers a germ free option in any space that is essential in reducing the spread of illnesses especially in areas where the faucet will be used by large masses of people. It also a great way to conserve water as the tap automatically turns off after a cycle is done, leaving no chance for your home or space flooding if a tap is accidentally left on. These faucets are amazing in their own way but they come with their own set of problems. The following are some of the common problems you might experience while using these faucets:

  • Controlling Water Temperature- Touchless faucets usually have only one temperature setting that cannot be changed. This usually leads to an inconvenience when you require either cold or hot water as it only provides warm water.
  • Difficult installation -The installation of this faucet cannot be a weekend DIY project as it involves a lot more aspects than a regular faucet installation. It involves the installation of the sensors and connecting the whole system to the power source. The faucet also has a different installation process when it comes to the connection of the pipes to gain access to the water.
  • Problems with the running of the whole system- The faucet can be more problematic than a regular faucet as it tends to have more areas in which the faucet can breakdown or have issues with. The motion sensor can breakdown or have some issue with its operation thus it does not produce the flash necessary to turn on the water. Faucet also has more of a delicate valve connection that can easily block causing you to not have any water coming out of the faucet or a slow flow or a leaky faucet.

The complex built and make of a touchless faucet needs the assistance of a professional plumber to ensure that this rather costly piece of machinery is well installed so that it runs properly and avoids future problematic areas. The repair of the faucet also needs to be done by a professional plumber to ensure that it is correctly done and the underlying problem is taken care of to give you easy long term use. The one temperature setting is something that you are going to have to accept as its benefits outweigh this.