Clogged Kitchen Sink Drain?


A clogged sink is normal household problem. Daily living can make any sink clogged. The important thing is to catch the problem before a real mess happens. There are signs that a drain is clogged and in need of a cleaning.

You know you have a clogged sink when:

  • The sink doesn’t drain.
  • A gurgling sound happens when the water drains.
  • The sink drains, but it does it slowly.
  • The sink backs up and dirty water is left standing in your sink.

The most common reasons for clogs are hair, food, and grease blockages. The other cause of blockage could be mineral build-up that requires the pipes to be replaced. Before you start tearing pipes out though, try these fixes first.

  1. Try a plunger – use a small plunger for sink drains. If water isn’t very deep when you start, then add some water so that the cup as 3 to 4 inches of water on the sides. Place the plunger over the drain and make a good seal. Then pump the plunger till the water drains.
  1. If the water doesn’t drain then try a snake. Most of the time a home owner will have to use a snake. If you don’t have a snake you can use a straightened coat hanger. A snake threads down the drain and pulls any hair or packed muck up from the drain.
  1. A slower solution is to use a chemical flush. This doesn’t mean you need to use harsh chemicals to clear a drain. There are plenty of green cleaning supplies that do the same job if not better than name brand cleaners. These cleaners often involve vinegar and baking soda or salt.

It’s hard to mistake a clogged sink with so many obvious problems that develop, if it happens often here are some preventive measures that will help with the problem:

  1. Don’t allow hair to wash down the drain. Use sink catcher screens to grab hold of stray hair and food.
  1. Clean plates well into the garbage before you wash them in the sink.
  1. When you cook greasy food, make sure to pour the drippings into a jar or other container. Then toss a full jar into the garbage.

A clogged sink is a normal do-it-yourself project, just keep in mind to catch stray water so that the process is as clean as possible. If don’t consider yourself handy, or the clog does not clear after multiple attempts it may be time to call your local plumbing company.