What is the Best Way to Clean a Long Drain Pipe?


Every homeowner, at one time or another will experience the inconvenience of a clogged drain. Clogs are usually caused by a build up of grease and scum in the drain, or an inappropriate object being put into the drain, If you fail to act immediately after poor drainage is identified, the clog could escalate and cause leaks, water damage and unsanitary conditions.

Drain Cleaning Solutions

There are various ways in which you can thoroughly clean drainpipes when you identify a problem in the flow of wastewater. However, most homeowners do not know whether they should engage a professional plumber or not and which of the two options is ideal for their particular problem.

Do-It-Yourself Method

The DIY drain cleaning tasks is one of the simplest when compared to other plumbing issues. There are different methods that can accomplish your objective at a low cost at least temporarily.

  • For simple clogs, using a plunger and pouring boiling water continuously down the drains will work for most long pipes in the house.
  • You can also use baking soda, hot water and a cup of vinegar in the drain in that order and then rinse the substances out after thirty minutes for a clean drain.

The costs for DIY cleaning is minimal since most of the items are already in homes and cleaners are pretty cheap so it is a preferred method though not fully effective for large clogs.

A quality plumbing company is typically experienced and equipped with a range of tools to tackle the presented problem.

What to Expect from a Professional

  • Drain augers- Professional plumber have access to long drain augers, which are long wires with a hook on the end, which can be put down in the pipe to clean it out.
  • Hydro Jets- If the clog is extremely tough the drain can be flushed with water pressure that will break up the clog and push it down the drain.
  • Drain cameras: If the clog is very stubborn, the plumber may choose to put a drain camera down the pipe to find a source and location of the pipe. From this process he can what additional process needs to be done.

Unless there is extensive damage, the tasks are covered within a short time. The charges will be presented either as fixed prices for the specific tasks or in at an hourly rate depending on your chosen plumber. Hiring the experts is ideal because they will act quickly and there is no risk of more damage as a result of the work, and sometimes even though there is additional expense, it is well worth the money in the end.

Periodic drain cleaning is important to prevent widespread problems in your drains. Though professional plumbing may seem expensive, it is always the best choice for a clean drain. If DIY solutions do not work, contact your chosen professional immediately to avoid damaging your fixtures and fittings.