How to Choose an Underpinning Contractor


Underpinning is the solid foundation that is laid just right below the ground level of the building in order to provide a great level of strength and support to the building. It is highly important that this is conducted in the right manner using the proper materials, to avoid problems in the future.

When hiring an underpinning contractor, be sure they are familiar with the types of underpinning that you need for your particular problem.

  • Underpinning is usually done on new homes but is sometimes done to old homes for various reasons such as earthquakes or floods that cause the structure to move. Sometimes the original foundation is just not strong enough and needs reinforcement.
  • The type of underpinning can also affect the contractor you choose. Depending on your needs you may need a mass concrete underpinning, a beam and base underpinning or a mini-piled underpinning.

Who is an underpinning contractor?

The underpinning contractor is an individual who has acquired specialized knowledge and skills in the field of basement lowering, foundation, architecture and underpining. This means that they have both gone for training and also managed to gain real life job experience that enhances their knowledge, understanding and skills in this field of expertise. The underpinning contractor should be able to answer the main questions that do offer the level of experience they have and not make suspending mistakes as inexperienced contractors would.

How to Choose the Right Underpinning Contractor

1. Check either online or a resources page and find a good list of underpinning contractor companies and their contact information. In the modern times majority of them have online profiles that showcase their expertise and experience.

2. Compile a list of the most experienced underpinning contractors and then conduct a background check on them. You can do this by asking them directly about their qualifications and even level of experience. You can also get references that vouch for the company’s quality of their services and have a face-to-face conversation with these individuals. From the opinions of the references you will gain both good and bad opinions on which you can evaluate.

3. Get the price structures from the final list of underpinning contractors and compare them with your budget as well as the quality of services they each claim to offer. Narrow the list to the ones you know you can afford and do prefer their services to the quality level they do offer.

4. Before handing over the contract make sure that the company you do finally choose to conduct the relevant underpinning services are trustworthy. Check if they also offer renovation services that are beneficial to your standards in other areas of house extensions, carpentry and much more.

5. Trustworthy underpinning contractors are also open to answering as many questions as you may have about this field of expertise and their capabilities.