How to Choose Tiles for Your New Laundry Room


It might not seem like it but laundry rooms are some of the hardest working rooms in homes. They receive their fair share of traffic and have to support heavy machinery. This may seem like intense pressure but they are also victims of stains and a lot of spills and accidents. The flooring of such a room needs to be strong and resistant to some of these elements. Tiles are some of the most durable type of flooring around therefore they are a good option. but which type of tile to choose depends on the factors that your laundry room is exposed to.

Factors to Consider

  • Substances the floor should come into contact with–A laundry room can and is usually exposed to laundry detergents, bleach and other laundry chemicals due to accidental spillages. Depending on the type of tile you chose it may or may not be resistant to these chemicals tiles.
  • Moisture–Laundry rooms usually have a lot of moisture due to the washing and drying machines. Tiles, especially ones that use glue or ones affected by moisture, should not be a choice when considering tiling for your laundry room floor or backsplash.
  • Water –Spillages in a laundry room do happen on a regular basis, therefore the tiles that you chose for your laundry room need to be unaffected by water. The spillages will also cause the floor to be slippery which can be a fatal danger therefore on needs to put in tiles that are less slippery to void this.
  • Performance Vs. aesthetics–Many people want every aspect of their homes to look perfect and in accordance to their vision but sometimes the tiles that offer the best performance in your laundry room might not be the best looking ones around. This is however a sacrifice that one should be willing to make.


Tiles made of porcelain or ceramic usually are one of the best flooring option for a laundry room, as it is easy to clean and versatile option due the numerous designs and types available in the market. They are also incredibly durable which make them a great option for any home as it makes a great long-term investment.