How to Choose Tiles for Your Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom renovations are quite expensive as it means making full changes and repairs to your old bathroom until it is back into a new condition. Bathroom renovations can add a unique and beautiful look and feel to your bathroom. There are so many new different designs, finishes and accessories nowadays and they will enable you to style up, personalize and modernize your bathroom space. Bathroom tiles are a very important aspect to your bathrooms appearance and feel of your bathroom’s floor. However, there are so many tile materials to choose from, one has to think long and hard before making a decision on the type of tile material they will choose. Before choosing the type of bathroom floor material you would like to use in your bathroom, it is very important to consider the safety of the type of material.

Here are some of the popular tile materials you could choose from:

  •  Vinyl tiles–This tile is not only a good choice but is also the most used form of bathroom flooring. This is because vinyl tiles are quite cheap and they are very practical. Vinyl tile is also popular because of its well-known durability, comfort and safety. In fact, it is said to be better than all the other popular forms of bathroom tiles. Vinyl tiles are also considered to be one of the best because of their ease of installation and their aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for a low cost bathroom renovation but still expects the best results, you should opt for vinyl tiles.
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles–These ceramic and porcelain tiles are also very popular. This is mostly because they are easy to maintain and also really beautiful. The problem with ceramic tiles is their comfort ability; they are quite hard and really cold making them really uncomfortable for bare feet. Ceramics are also not as easy to install as vinyl, however, you can install them yourself if you believe yourself to be handy. They are also not as durable.
  • Plastic laminate tiles–These tiles are easy to keep clean while at the same time are quite easy to install. They are also appealing to the eye and are very cheap. The only problem is that moisture can easily infiltrate into their fiberboard core making it expand and buckle.

Vinyl tiles are the best bathroom floor tiles for today as they are affordable, easy to install, comfortable, durable and are very appealing to the eye.

Tiles are an important part of your bathroom, they make the bathroom easy to clean and beautiful at the same time. They are easy to install and you can install them yourself. However, I would recommend hiring a contractor in order to increase their chances of lasting longer. All tile materials are always readily available at your nearest hardware store.