What Causes A Pipe To Burst?


A busted pipe in your home is one of the most common problems that many professional plumbers encounter. The most common signs of a pipe burst include seeing a leakage of water in places where there isn’t a drain, such as the bedroom.

Regardless of the circumstance surrounding a pipe burst, this situation should never be left unchecked because besides the fact that the water can damage your belongings and the structural integrity of the building, the accumulation of water can lead to the build up of mould, such as the infamous Stachybotrys mould, which can cause stroke, confusion, cardiovascular problems and a variety of other respiratory conditions. This is a situation that needs immediate attention to prevent damage to your property.

The Most Common Causes of Busted Pipes 

  • One of the most common causes of busted pipes within the water system is water pressure. If a certain section of the system becomes clogged, such as the drain, toilet or water pump, it puts a lot of pressure on the plumbing system as a whole. This pressure can eventually become too much for the pipes to handle and as such, they gradually expand and burst due to the overwhelming amount of pressure.
  • In some instances, the pipe burst may be due to weather as well. If you didn’t take the necessary steps required to winterize your pipes during the fall, the chances that your pipes may burst this winter are fairly high. This is due to the fact that as water freezes it gains more mass. Essentially as water within the pipes freezes, the larger mass causes the pipes to expand and eventually burst.
  • The chemistry can cause pipes to corrode. This will lead to pitting and pinholes that will cause leaks.

The Most Effective Solutions for Busted Pipes 

When it comes to the solutions that are available to you, you have two options. The first of which is a short-term solution and the latter is a long-term solution.

The short-term solution consists of shutting off your water valve and applying what’s known as a plumber’s epoxy putty. The problem with this solution though is besides the fact that it is temporary, you may not be able to easily locate all the affected areas. Besides that, if you fail to address the underlying problem, you may actually cause further damage to your pipelines.

As far as a long term solution goes, this consists of contacting a professional plumber. Hiring a plumber to fix pipe burst have several advantages that you can’t receive from doing it yourself.

To put things in retrospect, some of the things you can expect a plumber to do include:

  •  Assessment of the underlying problem.
  • Eradication of the underlying problem such as winterizing the pipes, re-installing new pipes, and fixing clogged systems.
  • Isolation and examination of the affected site.

Once that has been done the plumber will: 

  • Utilize a cutting tool to remove the damaged area.
  • Utilizes a quick connect cufflink to replace the damaged area.
  • Evaluate the plumbing system to see if any other sections may be affected.

Said in simple terms, a pipe burst indicates an underlying problem within your home’s plumbing system. Even if you can solve the problem by yourself with a temporary solution, by leaving it unchecked by a professional plumber, you run the risk of causing the collapse of your entire plumbing system. For example, if water pressure caused a pipe burst, you need to find the clog within the system that’s causing a build up of pressure. By contacting a professional, they can assess the situation quickly and ensure that your plumbing system runs efficiently without fail by finding out and alleviating the underlying problem.