Cast Iron Drain Pipe Replacement


Cast Iron Drain Pipe Replacement:

One of the most important areas of old home maintenance is the drainage system. This area requires regular maintenance in order to keep the house in shape. Drainpipes in old homes get leakages that in turn lead to dampness and molds. Old homes usually have cast iron pipes that require replacement when it breaks down or encounters corrosion. Drain replacement involves a thorough technical process and when it is about replacing cast iron pipes; you would need to know how it works.

Cast Iron Drain Pipe Replacement: What’s Involved?

One of the major problems that the cast iron pipes have is rust or corrosion. Although it takes ages for the pipes to encounter rust, but when the corrosion begins it damages and breaks down the drainpipes. The longevity of the cast iron pipes is approximately 30 to 50 years. With time the cast iron pipes comes in contact with moisture, corrosion and rust in a natural process and thus it starts to get damaged. Thus it is always advised to replace the pipes before it completely breaks down and cause you a whole lot of problem.

Wastewater is generally the main cause of rust as the metal of the cast iron pipe comes in contact with the water and moisture. When the rust grows inside the pipe, it normally has two fold effects.

  • The first and most important thing that happens is that the flow of the water and waste reduces drastically since the rust restricts the inside diameter of the pipe as it grows.
  • Secondly, the rust forms a rough surface through which the waste cannot move smoothly to the main drain. With time the cast iron pipe gets jammed and the outer surface gets quite brittle.

The corrosion of the cast iron pipes is the most dreaded danger since the pipes breaks into pieces if they are not maintained properly. The wastewater that flows through the pipes will create a channel, which eventually will erode the iron from that part and create corrosion on the pipe if they are left without maintenance. The channel that gets created allows foreign substances to enter the pipe that may bring in health hazards. This may also cause the wastewater to escape through the leaks and gaps created thus leaving the system into a catastrophic situation.

If any of these happens to your home, then it is advisable that you call a professional plumber to replace the cast iron pipes with new ones. It would not be a good idea for you to replace it on your own, as it is quite a technical and laborious task to perform. You should consult with your plumber and decide on how to go about with it. You may also ask if it is possible to replace the cast iron pipes with the PVC pipes, which are most popularly used in homes as drainpipes.

Never hesitate and immediately contact with professionals whenever you feel there is a necessity of replacing your cast iron pipes.