Consistent Water Flow With Water Pressure Booster Pump


Water pressure booster systems are used for increasing the strength of water flow through a pipe. Pressure is dependent on the amount of water that is traveling through the pipe. Water with low pressure makes it difficult when taking showers as well as during toilet flushing. A pressure booster system is one of the best solutions to eradicate the problem of low water pressure. However, you need to check for all the plumbing problems and any leaks that could be causing the decrease in water pressure.

Other reasons of low water pressure vary from site to site but some of the reasons are narrow pipelines, blockages in pipeline, multi-story building where the water pressure is low on the higher floors etc. The water booster pumps provide an instant and easy solution to the problem. The pumps are usually 120V units and are placed between the water supply pipeline to your tank or where it is needed. You can simply connect to the water tank that is supplying you with the water. You should make sure that the water tank is well installed with correct grounding and wiring connection so as to get the desired results. The pressure booster pump raises the pressure to 50psi thus giving a sufficient flow of water to your house and other place that it may be needed.

Some of the tips to buy the right booster pump include:

  • Checking for auto start-stop operation – Most of modern booster pumps have these features. The pump will start when you open the tap and stops when you close the tap. This will help in reducing the manual workload.
  • Check the quality of the material that makes the pump -You should select a pump that is made of stainless steel or other materials that are resistant to rusting. If you select a material that is susceptible to rust the pump, will need high maintenance cost and its durability is low.
  • Have a pressure regulator – This can help you in controlling the pressure of water by setting the specific water pressure that you need.
  • Check for the dry running protection facility- In the event that the pump is connected to a storage tank the feature is needed because it ensures that the pump stops automatically when the tank is empty preventing the pump to burn or get damaged.

Some of the advantages of using the pump is that it is easy to install and to maintain. The pumps also do not have start-up problems because they are tested during their manufacture. The other good benefit of the booster pump is that it makes sure that your water pressure is normal and can be regulated to the desired water flow.