Bathroom Vanity Guide: What are Your Options?


A bathroom vanity is simply a combination of the sink and the storage around it that makes the centerpiece of the bathroom. It is usually designed to conceal the plumbing around the sink and to provide storage. The counter top is an equally important part of the structure that can be made of wood, stone, cement or laminate among other types of material. Realistically speaking, most people keep the default bathroom vanity that they bought for a long period of time. But it may be time to change your to update the look of your bath.

There are many types of vanities to choose from.

  • Wood bathroom vanities–Bathroom vanities made of wood come in various types and design. Oak and mahogany are the common types used although some are constructed with lesser woods. Wood vanities can be painted to give a more beautifying look. You need to know that the different types of wood have different durability and also vary in price. Some wood varieties like mahogany offer solid construction and have an exquisite look.
  • Glass bathroom vanities–These types of vanities give a contemporary look than other conventional types. In combination with other materials such as steel or wood, these vanities are usually made of high-end durable glass to give a stylish look. A wall-mounted vanity is one type that offers storage while providing you with an open feel. Glass vanities are quickly gaining popularity due to their modern nature and affordability.
  • Contemporary bathroom vanities–Crafted using various materials, contemporary bathroom vanities come with either single or double sink options. They have modern touch to their style of design and usually have an element of uniqueness. They are popular with the straight forward thinking individuals who may want a personalized touch and appeal. Here, style is the key to integrating furnishings and fixtures tactfully to achieve a great look.
  • Antique bathroom vanities–In essence, this bathroom design is inspired by the antique style and designs. Although it does not necessarily refer to antique in an age wise manner, it simply refers to the highlights over the century that had popular designs. These types of vanities tend to attract attention and this is why they are among the ornate vanities that can be found in the market today. This is a combination of wooden designs and modern functions to provide fine beauty.

Keep in mind that bathroom vanities come in various styles and designs to suit what you envision. Choosing a type of vanity does not have to be a daunting task. You simply need to get informed so that you can make a better choice. Just remember to check all your options, choose a size that will fit in your bathroom, stay in your price range, and consider the needs to your particular family.