How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?


A bathroom renovation is something most homeowners undergo at one time or another. Most people like to update their bathroom occasionally to make it more pleasing to the eye, or more functional for their family.

When doing a bathroom renovation there are different fixtures in your bathroom that can require replacement. Some of the bathroom fixtures that you will replace include sinks, tubs, toilet, cabinets, and vanities among other accessories. The number of fixtures you are replacing or moving, as well as the labor cost will determine the cost of your renovation.

Job cost structure

Because the number of fixutres you replace, or move and the size of your bathroom renovation will vary, the cost of the renovation can vary greatly. To get a basic idea where are some prices of the fixtures you many need to buy.

  • average cost of buying a new tub $600-$1,000
  • average cost of buying a new shower $2000
  • new counter tops, depending on they materials and size will cost from $115 to $350
  • There are many types of vanities and price ranges to choose from but you should expect to spend at least $250-$1500
  • If you need to replace your floor tiles, or move any walls, etc. you will be adding much more to the cost.
  • Other miscellaneous materials and plumbing supplies to be used in the project will end up costing you up to $500.
  • The cost of labor, again depending on the size of the room and what’s involved can cost at lease $10,000 in labor. Where you live can also affect the cost of labor.

Do it yourself cost

The cost of doing it yourself will only consist the cost of buying materials. In order to achieve the best or even save more money when carrying out the renovation exercise by yourself, you should try and buy quality materials for the work.

Benefits of hiring a professional plumber

The cost of hiring a professional plumber will be high but you will benefit in several ways. First, the professional plumber will guide you on where you will buy the best plumbing materials for you to use in your plumbing exercise. He may even be able to buy at a wholesale cost for you. The bathroom will have to pass city codes inspection before you can turn on the water, and hiring a professional will ensure that this is done correctly, avoiding extra time and cost.

What to watch out for

In order to ensure you are able to achieve great services, try as much as possible to hire professional plumbers who have good track records in offering outstanding services.