Basement Drain (Main Drain) Replacement: Cost


A basement main drain is the line that carries waste water from your basement to the sewerage line. You can decide to replace it in case the one that you have has frequent problems such as clogging. You can decide to hire a professional plumber or carry out the services by yourself. When carrying out the main drain replacement by yourself, you will only be required to buy materials that you will use. The process of replacing a main drain can be tiresome, but the cost of the job may be well worth the hassle.

Job Cost Structure

After you decide to hire a plumber for the job you will end up paying up to $3200, but it will depend on many factors. For instance, in some geographical locations you may pay less. If the main drain runs for a long distance before it connects to the sewerage line in your area you will also incur more labor costs because the experts will have to dig trenches that will be longer. Additional costs per hour for the labor can add up to $100 per person.

Parts Costs

• Doing it yourself. When doing the work yourself you will only buy the materials that you will use in laying the line. You can spend an average of $200 in buying the plumbing materials depending on the length in which the basement main drain line will run. You will also have to buy materials that you will use in repairing the floor where you will dig the trenches for you to lay the pipes that will be used in your basement main drain.

• Hiring a professional for the job. Hiring a professional will tend to be more expensive. This is because you will pay for the labor cost as well as the plumber’s time in your home. In average the professional can charge you up to $3200, but you can always bargain depending on the nature of the work.

Doing it Yourself vs. Hiring a Plumber

You will save a lot of money if you decide to do the services yourself, in the end it may cost you more, if you dont’ know exactly what you are doing, Your best choice is to  hire a local plumbing company who has enough experience in offering you the services. Professional plumbers will also advice you on where to get the materials at affordable rates.