Basement Flooding Subsidy Program: Toronto


Flooding makes homes uncomfortable to stay in whenever they occur. It makes the surrounding especially in the basement areas limited of space, too musty and damp for us to be used

At the beginning of the year 2009, Toronto city introduced a basement flood subsidy program. This is a program initiated to protect people living in the urban area from the effects of floods. The subsidy helps homeowners pay for flood prevention. To qualify your home must be registered as single family residence and must have also been put up before January 2009.

The problem

Occasionally, home basements can be filled with water rendering them inhabitable. It is caused majorly by weather conditions. It can also be as a result of leakages when pipes of the underground city sewerage system are faulty and allows water to backup into your basement. Damp floors, walls cracking peeling off of paints on pipes and walls, can evidence the problem. It is also characterized by foundation cracks and clogged drains. The problem does not have be left that way, it can easily be repaired using the subsidy program.

Duties of the plumber

When a problem occurs, it is prudent that you go for experts who have a good reputation to help you to fix the problems. These experts analyze the cause of the real problem and provide the exact solution for those problems. Ensure that you hire a licensed plumber. The plumber should be able to do the following things:

  • The hired plumber will help to replace damaged sump pumps. Your sump pumps may have cracks, which may cause leakages.
  • The plumber will also install a power back up for your existing sump pumps as well as an alarm for it.
  • Installation and replacement of backwater valves.

The basement subsidy program is a reimbursement program that homeowners can apply for. You need to keep your receipts and be sure the work is inspected by the city when complete. Fill the paper work and wait for a check in the mail.