What to do About Basement Drain Flies


These tiny flies are found around damp drains. The dampness and food particles create a great breeding ground. Because flies are known to carry lots of bacteria from the sewers it is very important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Measures to control and keep dry flies away from your premises

Regular maintenance and prevention is the best method to keep drain flies away.

  • Keeping your drains free of debris and gunk will eliminate their breeding ground and thus keep them away from your home. You can do with by pouring chemical cleaners in the drain regularly, or you can opt to use a pipe brush or plumber snake to keep the drain clean.
  • Keeping check on any clogs that arise within the drain system and ensure they are removed immediately identified as this eliminates any grounds they may have for breeding.
  • Always ensure that sewer pipes are always disinfected to kill any flies and eggs that may be breeding within them.
  • Always ensure water reservoirs are completely close to reducing chances of breeding within them.

Treatment upon manifestation of the flies

Once drain flies are established, treatment measures should be put in place accordingly. The treatment process includes two main methods that are:

  • Fumigation – This is a process where the flies are poisoned with toxic gases, aerosols and vapors. To use this process it requires complete closure of doors windows and other openings within the infested area. The use of smoke bombs is the most common method that can be used to kill the flies.
  • Dis-infestations – This is involves the application of chemical and biological agents to control pests. It involves treatment of breeding sites and other location harboring the flies.

It is important to note that the treatment methods come with precaution. These include handling of the chemicals being used in the process and the methods of applications. This requires to be followed to the letter to avoid chances of exposing your body or of other occupants within the premises to harmful effects of the compound used.