Backwater Valve Subsidy For Peterborough


The city of Peterborough has put measures in place to give homeowner an incentive to install backwater valves. The program also allows homeowners to purchase sump pumps at lower rates.

Backwater valves will prevent backflow of sewerage water into your home. The backwater valves will close when any the sewerage water tries to flow back into the house. In most cases the valves are installed in sewerage lines. In case of any blockage, the valves will play a great role in preventing the backflow of water.

The subsidiary program in Peterborough will give an incentive to install one in your home even if you can’t afford it.

How Backwater Valve Subsidiary Works

  • A qualified installer must install the valves, or sump pumps.
  • You need a building permit from the city of Peterborough
  • The installation must pass a final inspection
  • Homeowners must send in an application, along with receipts and a copy of the inspection certificate.

How Much is the Subsidy

  • If you add a sump pump and a pump pit, the city will reimburse you up to $800 for materials and labor.
  • By having a backwater valve installed you can also expect to get up to $800 back from the subsidy. This also includes labor and materials
  • If you install both the valve and the pump system the subsidy will cover the full cost up to $1800 total, for both labor and materials

After you decide to install the backwater valves, you will avoid floods in your home after heavy rains. Remember water from the drain systems in Peterborough will easily flow back into your home after heavy rains. The backwater valves subsidy program will help avoid cases of dirty water flowing back into your home. This is an opportunity for great savings for homeowners preventing flooding in Peterborough. If you are a resident in Peterborough, you should take advantage of the program and safeguard your home against floods. In order to achieve the best services out of the subsidiary program, you should take your time and consult experts who will help you in installing the backwater valves.